A Guide to Novels Set in Bognor Regis

The Authors & Novels of Bognor Regis

Why are so many novels set in Bognor Regis and its surrounding villages?

Why do so many authors choose this warm and sunny south coast town in which to set their stories?

Could it be that the sparkling sea inspires them? Or is it the South Downs that focuses creativity and inspiration onto its writers by the sea?

The town and its villages have provided a backdrop, which has released the talents of so many writers over the years, enabling them to create stimulating novels that refl ect the changing tides and times of society.

The following examples, out of many, go to show just how much Bognor Regis has been able to inspire authors to set their stories across the ages.

The settings range from Philippa Gregory’s novel Tidelands that is set in the civil war, right through to the present day with June Vernau’s Flight Fantastic, which is based on the town’s famous “Birdman” competition.

The town is also blessed with having within its environs the cottage in which one of Britain’s most creative artists and writers lived, William Blake. The members of the internationally respected Blake Society make frequent visits to the cottage whilst researching the work of this great man.

Does Blake’s spirit still illuminate and energise Bognor Regis’ writers?

This review of novels set in the town and its environs expands the Bognor Regis Heritage and Blue Plaque Trails, produced by the Bognor Regis Heritage Partnership, to the literary heritage of the town.

We hope it will inspire you to seek out these novels and read them.